Top Tips To Keep Your Designer Handbags In Perfect Condition

Designer handbags are an investment, but these bags are often damaged due to negligence. You need to pay attention to keep them in the best condition and extend their lifespan. You need to take care of your handbags as much as you care for your ornaments. Many people don’t know the proper tips to store and maintain your designer handbags. 

How to Keep Your Handbags in Good Condition

Clean it regularly

Now, cleaning doesn’t mean you start washing it using soapy water. Though you can’t clean all the bags with the universal cleaning technique as this depends upon which type of materials have been used in your bags. You should ask your designer handbag supplier about it at the time of purchase.

Store them properly

Handbags should not be hung on knobs and hooks as this can change the shape of the handles. It is best to store handbags on a closed and dark shelf. Also, make sure to remove all the stuff from the bags and put bubble wrap or acid-free tissue paper inside them before putting them into the closet. This will help in maintaining its shape.

Rotate your bags

Switch your handbags every week rather than using one handbag for a prolonged time. 


Once cleaned and stuffed, cover your handbag either in the cover it came in or get another cover. Covering before storing is essential to prevent dust and mould from building on them.

Air them out at regular intervals

If you live in a place with a humid climate, you may need to pay extra attention to keep your handbags in good condition. Some purses may remain in storage for years without use. In such a scenario, just keeping them wrapped up in the closet won’t be enough. 

In humid weather conditions, you should air out your handbags for 24 hours in an air-conditioned room to keep mould at bay. Alternatively, you can also get a dehumidifier that won’t just protect your designer handbags but also leather jackets, shoes, and clothes from the humidity. 

Designer handbags are expensive, so proper care must be given to make them last longer. NS Leather is the leading manufacturer of leather handbags. Whether you want a basic handbag for regular use or one for a party and special occasion, we have it all for you. Contact us today if you’re looking for the best designer handbag supplier in Kolkata and adjoining areas.