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How To Tell If a Leather Purse is Genuine: Ways to Spot Fake Leather

Buying a designer leather purse can be overwhelming. With an array of designs and styles to choose from, you also need to ensure that the leather product you are buying is genuine. Finding a genuine leather purse manufacturer will assure you of its quality. So, do you know how you can spot fake leather? Here are some ways to tell whether the leather is genuine or fake.

Four Ways to Choose Quality Leather Products

Check the Label

The most obvious step when purchasing a leather purse or other accessories is reading the tag or label. Products made of genuine leather will show it on their tag. Check whether the label reads: full top grain leather, 100% real leather, or genuine leather.

How to spot fake ones: check whether the label or tag reads something that represents man-made material or doesn’t make any disclosure regarding the material.

Look for Details Closely

Take a close look at the leather or zoom in on pictures if shopping online. Remember that real leather is made from real animal skin so it will have certain flaws and imperfections. It cannot be blemish-free and uniform.

How to spot a fake: Blemish-free and uniform leather indicate it’s fake.

Touch It

Whenever possible, touch the material before purchasing. If the leather is real, you won\’t feel smooth when rubbing on the surface. You will notice it will stretch and wrinkle slightly when you push your fingers into the surface.

How to spot a fake: Running your finger into the surface of a synthetic material will feel unnatural and cold. It will depress under your fingers while maintaining its shape and won’t wrinkle.

Smell It

You might find it strange, but those who have smelled real leather before will understand that genuine real leather has its own distinct smell. No matter how hard anyone tries to reproduce this natural scent, it cannot be done accurately.

How to spot a fake: There is no full proof of imitating the same exact smell of real leather. Faux leather has a similar smell to plastic. Hence, if the material smells like plastic, it is synthetic.

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